Friday, March 26, 2010

A day well spent......

So glad to be off of work on this sunny day.  Heading to the park  for some playtime with puppies and then home to get started on my painting project.  I am working on a rocking chair that I am hoping will go from drab to beautiful in just one afternoon.  I am painting it white to add some "springtime flair" to it and to help brighten a newly painted room.  This room will have new life and will become my daughter's sanctuary for a time while she is visiting from New Jersey.  I feel that whenever I can add a smile to someone's day then my day has been spent well. 

Feel free to add your thoughts of how you spent your day and also added a smile to someone else's.  

Keep Smiling! :) 



  1. The updating of my daughter's room is a surprise so please don't tell her......:)

  2. Unless she reads the blog :)
    Congratulations on getting things up and running. So proud of you!